Parado No Bailão

Parado No Bailão – MC L da Vint

Dive into “Parado No Bailão,” a vibrant track by MC L da Vint that captures the energy and rhythm of the Brazilian funk scene.

Lyrics in Portuguese

É que eu queria muito ela
Ela não me dava atenção
Fiz de tudo por ela
Pra manter uma relação

E Hoje nós nem conversa
To decidido e não é atoa
Que me joguei no Mandela
Eu parado no bailão, no bailão

Ela com popozão no chão
E o popozão no chão,
E o popozão no chão

English Translation

It’s just that I really wanted her
She did not pay attention
I did everything for her
To maintain a relationship

And today we don’t even talk
I’m determined and it’s not for nothing
That I threw myself at Mandela
I stopped at the bailão, at the bailão

She with big butt on the floor
And the big butt on the ground,
And the big butt on the ground

About the Music Video

The music video for “Parado No Bailão” is a vibrant showcase of dance and celebration, characteristic of the funk genre. Set in a lively bailão, or dance party, it captures the essence of the Brazilian funk scene, with energetic dancing, colorful visuals, and the infectious rhythm of the track taking center stage. The video complements the song’s narrative, focusing on the party atmosphere and the dynamic between the protagonist and the object of his affection.

About the Artist

MC L da Vint is a prominent figure in the Brazilian funk scene, known for his catchy hooks and engaging lyrics that often depict the joys, challenges, and vibrancy of life in Brazil’s urban landscapes. His music is a reflection of contemporary Brazilian youth culture, mixing traditional funk beats with modern sounds and themes. “Parado No Bailão” stands out as a testament to his talent, capturing the infectious spirit of Brazilian funk and its ability to bring people together in celebration.

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